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Storage & Transportation

Marketers and Producers, Local Distribution Companies

Max Hagerman
Sr. Manager, S&T Marketer Services
(519) 436-4624

Andrew Massicotte
Sr. Account Manager
(519) 436-5257
ICE IM: amassicotte1

Matt Thomas
Strategic Account Manager
(519) 436-4553
ICE IM: mthomas8

Daryl Zimmer
Account Manager
(519) 436-5420
ICE IM: dzimmer3

Power/U.S. Northeast

Libby Passmore
Manager, Strategic Sales
(519) 436-5436


Business Development

Paolo Mastronardi
Manager, Business Development
(519) 436-5264

Chad Cook
Project Manager
(519) 436-4630

Dale Van Der Meersch
Project Manager
(519) 436-5276

Jason Bond
Project Manager
(519) 436-5236

Legal Notices & Other Matters

Tom Byng
Manager, Contracting and Customer Support
(519) 436-5386
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Leadership Team

Jim Redford
Vice President, Business Development, Storage and Transmission
(519) 436-4577

Chris Shorts
Director, S&T Marketing & Utilization
519 436-4668