Customer Alert: Email Phishing Scam

Instances of Phishing are on the rise. Phishing is a form of fraud in which the attacker tries to learn your personal information such as login credentials or account information by masquerading as a reputable company or person in email or other communication channels.

To ensure you are logging into the Union Gas MyAccount service, use the direct link: If you suspect you have received an illegitimate email posing as a Union Gas communication, please call 1-888-774-3111 to confirm before taking any further action.

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Call Before You Dig


Do your part to prevent injuries, property damage & inconvenient outages - contact Ontario One Call at or 1-800-400-2255 before all outdoor digging projects to obtain a free locate of all underground lines and pipes.

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Our Projects

Projects Construction Site

We're investing almost $2B in Ontario communities over the next few years. Visit the Our Projects section to learn more about our pipeline infrastructure investments & connect with the projects team.

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