What’s natural gas doing for Ontario?

The benefits of natural gas go far beyond affordably heating your home. Many of the everyday advantages you take for granted wouldn’t be possible without reliable access to Ontario’s low-cost, low-carbon energy source.

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Meter safety

Someone shoveling the sidewalk by the Union Gas meter

Your natural gas meter is designed to withstand winter weather conditions, but heavy or hard-packed snow and ice on the meter or exhaust vent can present a safety hazard for your home. #ClearYourMeter

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Have you received an email from Union Gas?

Mobile Phone looking at email

We are informing customers of several upcoming Ontario Energy Board (OEB) public hearings. Union Gas and Enbridge Gas Distribution have applied to the OEB for approval to amalgamate. Union Gas has also applied to the OEB for approval to recover the costs for our 2018 cap-and-trade compliance plan. For more information:

Utility Amalgamation and Rate Setting Framework
Cap and Trade Compliance Plan Filing