Frequently Asked Questions About The Home Winterproofing Program

Why are we offering the Home Winterproofing Program?

In partnership with the Ontario Energy Board, we are working to help the province meet its ambitious energy conservation goals. We offer a range of programs to help Ontario households save money and energy.

How many homes have participated in the program so far?

Up to 10,000 homes have already participated in the program and are highly satisfied with their experience.

Why do houses have to be built before 1980 in order to qualify for the program?

Homes built before 1980 tend to have insufficient insulation. The Home Winterproofing Program can cost effectively improve the insulation level, decreasing energy bills and increasing comfort.

How much do I need to pay for the upgrades?

The Home Winterproofing Program is a free energy-efficiency program. We provide the energy assessment, labour, and all materials at no cost to eligible customers.

If I rent, can I still qualify?

As a tenant, you can qualify for the Home Winterproofing Program if you meet the eligibility requirements, pay your own gas utility bill and have your landlord's permission.

The Landlord’s permission will be in the form of a signed Declaration and Consent form.


Will my participation affect income I receive from government assistance programs?

No, your participation in the Home Winterproofing Program will not affect your income from government assistance programs.

If I heat with a gas fireplace, do I qualify?

You need to have gas furnace or gas boiler in order to qualify for the Home Winterproofing Program.