ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Benefits

A home that's built better significantly reduces heating, cooling and hot water costs. In addition to lower utility bills, you’ll also enjoy improved comfort, healthier air quality, reduced maintenance costs and increased resale potential.

A new house is a big investment. You owe it to yourself to explore the ENERGY STAR difference:

Energy savings

Lower energy consumption reduces utility bills, saving you up to $400/year.  These savings can go towards the cost of other upgrades like granite countertops.

Indoor comfort

Look forward to a higher standard of comfort too. High performance heating and cooling systems help keep the whole house consistently comfortable year-round.

Healthy air quality

Breathe easy with energy efficient ventilation that provides a steady supply of fresh air filtered for pollutants like dust and allergens.


Building a home better from the ground up helps make it more resistant to severe weather, protecting your investment from costly leaks, drafts and water damage.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your home is designed, constructed, tested and inspected to a government-backed standard that’s 20 per cent above building code – that’s real peace of mind.

Long-term value

By choosing an ENERGY STAR home, you are taking advantage of significant energy savings today and enhanced resale potential tomorrow.