ENERGY STAR® for New Homes

Buying a new home? In addition to walk-in closets and custom countertops, look for features that will work to keep your family healthy and happy for years to come. ENERGY STAR® qualified homes are built better from the ground up. So you can enjoy all the comforts of a high performance home that’s on average 20 per cent* more energy efficient than a standard Ontario home built to current building code. That’s a difference you’ll feel, right from day one.

Lower utility bills are just the beginning

ENERGY STAR® qualified homes cut energy use by 20 per cent or more, reducing utility bills - the second highest cost of home ownership. And the benefits don't end there.

Built better all over

Take a look at the features that make a high performance home so different.

What that blue label means

The ENERGY STAR® label represents a higher standard of energy efficiency. Not just for appliances - for your whole home


“Why should I buy an ENERGY STAR® qualified home?” and other questions people ask.

The Environmental Impact

Do the right thing and save money while you're at it.

Find an ENERGY STAR® builder

Questions to ask your builder before you consider making one of the biggest purchases of your life.

You might think all new homes are built to the same level of energy efficiency. The fact is, 68% of new homes in Canada do not meet ENERGY STAR® labeling standards. Look for the ENERGY STAR® label before you make one of the biggest purchase decisions of your life.

* ENERGY STAR New Homes savings if built to the latest ENERGY STAR® standard by Natural Resources Canada.

Buying an older home?

Get up to $5,000 for energy efficient upgrades with our Home Reno Rebate.

For Home builders

The ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Standard is promoted by the Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) to encourage construction of housing that is 20 per cent more energy efficient than homes built to the current Ontario Building Code. This translates into reduced energy costs for homeowners.

More Information for Home Builders

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