Current Residential Rates

Rate M1—Union South

January 2021 Rates

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has approved changes to Enbridge Gas’ rates effective Jan. 1, 2021. For a typical customer the total annual bill increase will be $21.75. The total impact on your bill will depend on how much gas you use.


New Rates

The table below shows the new, approved rates used to calculate your natural gas bill as of January 1, 2021. The annualized impact is based on a typical Rate M1 – Union South customer who uses 2,200 m³ per year.

at January 1, 2021
increase or decrease
Customer Charge $22.87 $4.44
First 100 m³
Next 150 m³
All over 250 m³

5.6854 ¢/m³
5.4008 ¢/m³
4.6655 ¢/m³
Facility carbon charge
(included in Delivery on the bill)
0.0088 ¢/m³ $0.00
Transportation to Enbridge 0.0000 ¢/m³ $0.00
Federal Carbon Charge 5.8700 ¢/m³ $0.00
Gas Supply Charge  13.0590 ¢/m³  $16.32
Gas Price Adjustment  0.3634 ¢/m³ ($3.85)
Delivery Price
0.0000 ¢/m³   $0.00
Storage Charge 0.8018 ¢/m³ $0.72
Storage Price
0.0000 ¢/m³   $0.00
Total annual impact $21.75

Customer Charge

The customer charge increased to $22.87 a month to partially recover some of the fixed costs associated with maintaining a safe and reliable natural gas distribution system.

Delivery to You

The delivery rates that vary with consumption increased based on our forecast cost of delivering natural gas to your home or business. These charges also include a facility carbon charge associated with the operation of Enbridge Gas’ facilities to deliver natural gas to you.

Federal Carbon Charge

The federal carbon charge is 5.8700 ¢/m³. This charge increases annually each April. All of the money collected for this charge goes to the federal government. Visit for more information.

Gas Supply Charge

The gas commodity rate increased by 0.7419 ¢/m³ to 13.0590 ¢/m³ based on our forecast of natural gas market prices and transportation costs for the next 12 months. This rate includes transportation costs to Ontario.

Gas Price Adjustment

The gas price adjustment rate decreased by 0.1761 ¢/m³ to 0.3634 ¢/m³ and is in effect until Dec. 31, 2021.

Delivery Price Adjustment

The delivery price adjustment rate decreased by 0.0360 ¢/m³ to 0.0000 ¢/m³.

Storage Charge

The storage rate increased by 0.0326 ¢/m³ to 0.8018 ¢/m³ to reflect the increased cost of storing natural gas.