Range Features

Woman cooking on gas range

Lifestyle, kitchen decor and cooking habits are deciding factors when choosing a natural gas range. You have a wide variety of choices, from classic to contemporary.

Range styles

  • Freestanding - A stand-alone unit combines a cooking surface with two to four burners, a standard oven, and a storage drawer.
  • Built-in style - Select a drop-in that sits on a low cabinet base and has no storage drawer or a slide-in that fits between kitchen cabinets, sits on the floor and has a storage drawer.
  • Wall oven with cooktop - The cooktop is separate from the oven, which is built into a wall. Offers maximum placement flexibility and a sophisticated professional appearance.
  • Commercial - The rugged and distinct features of commercial ranges continue to be very popular with stainless steel as the preferred material. Colour options are available to give you a vibrant yet timeless appearance.


Decide on the number of burners and desired heat output. Also choose between open or easier to clean sealed burners.

Optional Features

  • High-performance burners suit cooking with a wok or sautéing.
  • Consider a programmable oven if you often work right up to meal-time.
  • Other optional features include electronic clock and controls, storage compartments, coloured cooktop burners and rust-resistant hardware.


  • Newer natural gas models use an electronic ignition rather than a continually burning pilot light. You'll use 30 to 40 per cent less fuel with an electronic ignition system.
  • For safety, an electronic ignition system monitors the flame and will turn off the gas if the flame goes out.


Cooktop venting is not required but a vent hood that removes grease and odours is recommended. Select a direct-vent model that vents directly through an outside wall.