Community Expansion

A Union Gas USR

At Union Gas, our objective is to contribute to Ontario’s economic vitality. Natural gas is the most economical source of energy for businesses, industry and communities. That’s why Union Gas is working with communities across Ontario, along with the provincial government, to extend service to more homes and businesses.


In April 2017, the provincial government announced $100 million in grants to move natural gas expansion projects forward. This funding is intended to support the building of necessary infrastructure to expand access to natural gas to communities that do not have service, including those in rural, northern Ontario and Indigenous communities.


It’s an important effort when you consider low natural gas prices have translated into as much as $5 billion in annual savings for Ontario since 2008, and rates are projected to remain low for years to come thanks to abundant supplies, ensuring affordable, reliable energy for millions of customers.


The Benefits for Communities


The benefits of connecting critical new infrastructure to the natural gas system at the community level are clear.


Expanding access to natural gas supports local economic growth, creating jobs and improving the lives of Ontario families and business


As well, natural gas is the most economical source of energy for Ontario homes and businesses as it costs significantly less than electricity, propane or oil. Compared to propane or oil, natural gas has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions.


Connected residents have access to affordable and plentiful sources of natural gas to heat their homes and hot water. Over the past two winters, homeowners have saved between $1,700 and $2,200 a year by using natural gas rather than electricity, oil or propane for heat and hot water.


The benefits to business and industry are even greater.


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