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We bolstered an already strong natural gas pipeline system in Ontario by investing almost $2 billion in infrastructure from 2015-17. It was the biggest investment in our company's history, and we're proud of the efforts by employees.

The biggest motivation for all of us, whether we are building pipelines or completing everyday work on a vital transmission and storage system, is the fact that homes are warmed in the winter by natural gas and factories and businesses are powered by the energy we deliver.

For us, that's the bottom line, ensuring Ontario homes and businesses have access to safe and affordable natural gas. The hundreds of communities we serve across the province, including the ones where we conducted work, are our partners. We care about our partners.

On this page, please enjoy the videos which tell the broader story – a wrap up of our projects, and several time lapses of the work completed.

Building on our successes

The 2015–2017 Dawn-Parkway expansion, which runs from Dawn near Sarnia to Parkway at the Milton-Mississauga border, took place because we recognized that the way natural gas moves around North America was changing.

We were determined to be part of that change and saw the opportunity to provide our customers with enhanced access to our Dawn natural gas storage hub (near Sarnia) so they would be able to tap into abundant and affordable natural gas supplies emerging from shale formations in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Six new compressor plants, a total of 267,000 horsepower, were added to the Dawn-Parkway system. This is equivalent to 330 Dodge Challenger SRT Demons

Over the course of the nearly $2 billion expansion, we added six new compressor plants and a new compressor station to help move more natural gas through our transmission system, as well as completing two 48-inch pipeline expansion projects.

Demand for natural gas service in specific sectors— particularly Ontario's greenhouses— had been increasing substantially each year. So in the midst of our Dawn-Parkway expansion, we also undertook a $265 million expansion of our Panhandle transmission system to meet that demand.

This massive undertaking was not without its challenges, and we thank the communities where we completed projects for their patience and understanding.

There were many tremendous contributions that our employees and contractors made to deliver each of these projects first and foremost safely, as well as on time or early, and on or under budget.

Our current projects

These web pages will give you the most up-to-date information about what we're working on. Via stories, photos, and videos as well as newsletters and maps, the pages will give you an overview of the vital work we're undertaking at a number of key locations.

We've raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of these projects for various charitable causes such as the United Way, local food banks and local first responders, among many others.

We also have an action plan for communities that don't have access to natural gas today. To learn more about those efforts, check out our section containing our plan to expand service to more communities.

We outline our extensive safety efforts and showcase community engagement, which is a priority for us.

You will also see how we work hard to build robust relationships with Ontario communities, along with Indigenous Peoples, by respecting their concerns and supporting community development.

We hope you will find this project site useful and that you will come back often. Watch for updates as we reach new stages in the various projects!

10 facts about our projects

  1. Nearly $2B in investments from 2015-17
  2. Increasing access to safe and affordable natural gas
  3. Upgrading and expanding pipeline infrastructure - the pipe used on our Parkway West project weighs about half as much as the Eiffel tower
  4. Construction of 6 new natural gas compressor facilities, as well as over 34 km of new 48-inch diameter steel natural gas pipelines for the Dawn-Parkway Expansion
  5. Another 41 km of new 36-inch pipeline for the Panhandle Reinforcement Project
  6. One 42-inch tee (used on our compressor projects) weighs approximately 19,500 kg -- equivalent to the weight of one bull elephant
  7. Thousands of workers built these sites, and multiple new permanent jobs were created across Ontario
  8. Our employees and our contractors are committed to the communities where we operate
  9. The Brantford Kirkwall project took 47,030 diameter inches of welding to complete, which if strung together would be much taller than the world's tallest building, the 828 metre high Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
  10. We're committed to being good neighbours and keeping operations safe and clean.