Conservation first

Maybe you're looking to reduce operating costs, purchase new heating equipment or create a more comfortable workplace. Lower operating costs and energy bills generate savings that can be reinvested in other areas of the economy.

The natural gas industry has been a leader in this area. We know where to look to save you money. We know where to find the latest energy-efficient equipment. We can make a plan for you.

A leader offering you solutions

We understand that money is tight and you want to make a difference in the environment. In fact, Union Gas shares the same commitment to economic and environmental responsibility as the communities we serve. Conservation measures in our office buildings have reduced electricity consumption by 58 per cent and water use by 40 per cent.

Our district offices are built with world-class environment sustainability as a priority. Every effort is made to minimize our environmental footprint out in the field as well. Union Gas works closely with conservation and other environmental regulators, whether we are building a pipeline or supporting local ecological programs.

Saving energy saves money too

Municipal partners engaged in community energy planning (CEP) are looking for effective ways to balance local needs with available resources and sustainability goals. In an era of rising prices and shrinking budgets, managing energy costs is imperative. That's why many integrated community solutions are built around natural gas—the reliable, low-carbon, low-cost energy alternative.

Union Gas offers a comprehensive portfolio of natural gas programs and analytical tools designed to help you cut costs while conserving energy.

The natural gas model for Demand Side Management (DSM) has changed considerably over the past 20 years and this evolution has been critical to producing the significant savings we now see each and every year from these programs.

For more information on Union Gas conservation programs, visit the Commercial Industrial ProgramsResidential Programs or send us a message.

Union Gas is here to help communities develop integrated policies and programs to meet long-term sustainability goals.