Improving your operations

Smart planning pays back

Frame of a house with a clipboard with check marks in front

Smart planning pays back

Smart planning pays back

Frame of a house with a clipboard with check marks in front

Smart planning pays back

It takes planning to build high-performance homes that meet the ENERGY STAR® for New Homes (ESNH) Standard. But through this planning, you’ll discover ways to reduce material costs, streamline your building schedule and incorporate the right building methods and design, right from the start.

Building better helps you work better

Homes need to be planned to meet ESNH v17 Standard before building even starts. This methodical approach ensures you take steps that analyze costs and reduce risks, improving your business operations.

  • A certified energy advisor (CEA) will work with your team—architect, contracts and purchasing, site supers, framers, HVAC, plumbing and electrical—to streamline construction and reduce costs.
  • The ESNH standard allows you to select which measures you prefer to use to achieve energy efficiency in a cost-effective way for your product type and target buyers.
  • Scopes of work for ESNH will be developed through team planning and your CEA will incorporate guidance on best building practices.
  • Adding air-sealing details to your construction drawings will establish the framework necessary to meet your construction goal of 20 per cent greater energy efficiency than a code built house.
  • On-site training will ensure that trades know about air-sealing details before the first plate is applied.
  • Rigorous planning and inspection creates a better product, reducing callbacks, so you can focus your attention on new builds.
  • The ENERGY STAR label can differentiate your company in a soft housing market with homes that offer more to buyers of new homes.

This team approach will create a better product. Trades who are clear on their role in an ENERGY STAR construction can work efficiently and take pride when the final air-infiltration test results are successful.

You can manage what you can measure

By building high-performance new construction homes that meet ESNH standard, you’re able to build upon the knowledge and skills you have already acquired and move your construction to the next level.

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Measurable feedback for trades

Inspections assess work quality, so your trades will know if they are meeting expectations.

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quality control

Third-party verification ensures best building practices, catching issues early and providing a final air-infiltration test.

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Continuous improvement

Your CEA will help your team achieve a better understanding of building science so you can continually improve.


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