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Start your foundation for a stronger business

Tools - rulers, hammer, screwdriver

Start your foundation for a stronger business

Start your foundation for a stronger business

Tools - rulers, hammer, screwdriver

Start your foundation for a stronger business

When you build high-performance homes, ensure your quality construction is recognized. An effective way to accomplish this is to become licensed as an ENERGY STAR® for New Homes (ESNH) builder. On average, an ENERGY STAR certified home is 20 per cent more energy efficient than a typical new home.

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It’s easy to become licensed and get a competitive edge

The ESNH program provides builders with a brand name label that is well-recognized by homebuyers. Only builders licensed with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) can have their homes ENERGY STAR certified. Getting licensed is easy.

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Contact a licensed service organization

There are several organizations throughout Ontario that you can contact by visiting the NRCan website.

  • Under “Service” select ENERGY STAR; under “Service Provider” select Service Organizations; and under “Region” select Ontario.
  • Refine the search to your region if needed.
  • Click the “Search” button, and contact your choice of Service Organization provided.
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Discuss training and license requirements

The service organization will explain the steps you'll need to take to build certified ENERGY STAR new homes:

  • Planning homes to meet the program requirements.
  • Training your trades to ensure the build the standards required.
  • Following the process to have homes certified.
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Sign a builder licence with NRCAN

As a licensed ENERGY STAR for New Homes builder, you’ll have many benefits:

  • Flexibility in the designs and processes you use to comply with ENERGY STAR standards.
  • Access to building science expertise, training and ongoing support.
  • Ability to leverage the ENERGY STAR brand—a brand your customers recognize and trust as meeting a high level of energy efficiency.

How a new home earns the ENERGY STAR label

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Home enrollment

Before construction begins, a licensed builder enrols a home with their service organization, who then enrols the home with NRCan.

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Planning and consulting from your evaluator

A certified energy advisor works with the builder during design to ensure the home meets ESNH standard.

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Construction according to ESNH technical specifications

Scopes of work are developed and the trades are trained.

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Final evaluator inspection

On completion of the home, the advisor verifies that the home has met the requirements of the standard and labels the home. The evaluator orders the ENERGY STAR certification label ten days before its inspection.

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After successful inspection

The advisor submits the home information to the service organization and labels the home. The service organization reviews the home’s results and submits it to NRCan.

Education and support services to help you succeed

As a builder of ENERGY STAR certified homes, you'll share in the responsibility to ensure the homes are constructed to meet the requirements for the ESNH standard. But you won't be on your own. ENERGY STAR advisors will work with you and are motivated to help you succeed:

  • They are familiar with the different compliance paths you can take to meet requirements, and can advise on options.
  • They can provide advice on all aspects, from design, to training the trades, to sourcing materials.
  • By working closely with you, any issues are caught early in the process, avoiding costly mistakes.
  • You’ll become connected to high-efficiency builders who mutually benefit from industry innovations.

Are you ready? Apply to become a licensed ENERGY STAR for New Homes builder now.

Benefit from the market recognition and third-party certification that comes with building and selling ENERGY STAR certified homes.

Visit the NRCan website


The ENERGY STAR® name and symbol are trademarks registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and are administered and promoted by Natural Resources Canada.