Runsmart Building Optimization

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We provide an incentive to customers for the successful implementation of low-cost and no-cost energy-saving measures that optimize a building's energy use. Optimization improves your building's overall performance by identifying building-maintenance and operational-efficiency improvements.

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Benefits of Building Optimization

Reduces operating costs while extending equipment life, reduces natural gas usage and qualifies you for incentives from us.

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Typical Projects

Verifying that dampers and valves on air handling units are operating properly, calibrating sensors and instrumentation, reducing excessive exhaust quantities and checking insulation integrity.


Education, Healthcare, Office, Multi-Unit Residential and Entertainment Commercial Customers Incentive

$0.20/m3 to a maximum of $0.30/m3

Eligible buildings must use at least 50,000 m3 of natural gas a year and have not participated in an energy-saving program in the last two years.

Apply for an Equipment and Process Optimization Incentive

Applying is easy. Simply contact your energy conservation advisor or send us an email using the button below. An energy conservation advisor will get back to you within 5 business days to discuss next steps.