Who’s Eligible?

See if you’re eligible

Here’s a list of the criteria you must meet to qualify:

Your application is for a new commercial construction or major renovation project.

This includes commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-unit residential buildings covered under OBC 2017, Part 3. If your building permit is dated prior to January 1, 2017, you may plan to exceed the 2012 OBC requirements by 25%

Your project is still in the design phase.

The construction site is in the former Union Gas service area.

The building must be at least 50,000 square feet (which could be the combined square footage of smaller, identically designed buildings).

You’ve committed to finishing construction within five years from your IDP session. Once complete, you will also have finalized formal building commissioning within a year.

Enrolment in the program does not guarantee that you will receive the incentives. See what it takes to qualify for program incentives.

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For more information or to apply for this program, contact your energy conservation advisor or send us an email.