Uses And Applications (LNG)

Powerful partner on land and water

The power of LNG

From powering vehicles and fleets to providing onsite power generation, there is a growing list of practical applications for a clean, low-cost fuel that can be efficiently transported anywhere.

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With lower GHG and virtually no particulate emissions, LNG can help shipping operators meet environmental as well as economic targets. It is currently being used to fuel passenger and car ferries, bulk cargo carriers and ocean tankers.

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Remote Power Generation

Building pipelines to remote locations is cost-prohibitive. LNG provides facilities that are off the grid with a cleaner-burning, lower-cost alternative to diesel, propane or fuel oil.

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Freight train and regional railroad operators are making the shift to a cleaner, safer, cheaper, domestically available fuel - LNG.

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Long Haul Road Transport

An alternative to diesel for powering heavy-duty trucks, LNG provides cost savings as well. The price of LNG is consistently lower and more stable than diesel.

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Energy-dense LNG can be cost-effectively trucked to isolated sites where it is stored and then used to power off-road ore carriers and long-haul transport trucks.

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