Why consider Combined Heat and Power (CHP)?

Insulate yourself from soaring power prices

Rosa Flora Limited, Dunnville, ON QuoteHigh electricity prices can put your profitability at risk. Power independence is important when affordable pricing and reliability of power is critical to your operations. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) helps companies control energy costs, ensure power quality and reliability while reducing environmental impacts. The business case for CHP has never been better.

Reduces and Stabilizes Energy Costs

CHP’s high efficiencies result in lower unit energy costs
Natural gas is abundant and pricing is stable
CHP displaces grid electricity and insulates against rising power costs

Safeguards Your Power Supply
Shields businesses from power brownouts and blackouts
Ensures power quality
Reduces product spoilage, equipment risk and service disruptions

Reduces Environmental Impacts

Overall efficiencies of 80% and above
Uses less fuel per unit of energy generated
Lowers greenhouse gas emissions
Lowers NOx and SO2 emissions

Offset Other Capital Costs

CHP is ideal for new construction, or retrofitting or replacing old equipment. It replaces boilers and makes the business case for purchasing new equipment.

CHP is a viable alternative where at least 50% of the excess heat is captured and used. With higher levels of use, benefits increase and project paybacks are shortened.

CHP gives businesses:

  • Efficiency - Combined heat and power provides small-scale electricity generation at or near the point of use. It provides more efficient energy production, delivery and use, better control of the cost and supply of power now and in the future - as well as providing a more secure emergency power backup option.
  • Control - CHP gives businesses the opportunity to forgo buying electricity from the grid and substituting that by buying natural gas, generating their own electricity with a CHP unit, and then capturing excess thermal heat for use by their own business or by neighbouring businesses.

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