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Conduct business with Union Gas online!

Access your account, bills, rate, contract, gas consumption and transact online through Union Gas' secure web-based transaction and information tools, MyAccount and Unionline.

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MyAccount or Unionline - Which one am I? 

Review the descriptions below to go to the information that supports your account and services with Union Gas. 

MyAccount is for business customers that receive a monthly bill that looks like the one shown below. Your account number has 14 digits and 2 dashes: 123-4567 891-2345.

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Unionline is for business and institutional customers who have signed a gas distribution contract with Union Gas and are supported by a Union Gas Account Manager.

New Customer

If you are not yet a Union Gas customer,  have not received your first bill, or would like to learn more about the services offered by Union Gas - then this is the right section for you.