Gas Meter Safety

Keep your meter clear all year.

It's important to keep your natural gas meter and exhaust vents free of ice and snow in winter, and clear of storage boxes, garden tools and vegetation in summer. This helps ensure that gas-fired equipment functions safely and efficiently, and allows us easy access for accurate meter readings or emergency response.

Indoor heating equipment - your furnace, water heater and thermostat - needs to be accessible too. Please ensure that storage boxes and household supplies are kept well away from indoor appliances so our utility service representative or your heating contractor can get at them for emergency service or repairs.

Be sure your pets are secured and not blocking access to your gas meter or equipment during meter reading and service calls. Our utility service representative can surprise even the friendliest dog and lead to aggressive behavior and bites.

Steps to a happy meter

Follow a few simple steps to keep your meter and your meter reader safe. WATCH AND STAY SAFE

Follow a few simple steps to keep your meter and your meter reader safe. WATCH AND STAY SAFE


What should we do if home renovations prevent access to our meter?

If you anticipate a problem providing access during a certain period, please contact our Customer Contact Centre to make an alternative arrangement.

What's the best way to clear your meter in winter?

Gently brush off snow or ice with a soft broom or brush – never a sharp tool like an ice scraper. Be careful not to bump your meter with a snowblower.

Why am I responsible for keeping the meter clear of snow and ice?

Your natural gas meter set is designed to withstand winter weather conditions. However, a gas meter covered in snow or ice can impede its ability to regulate the pressure of the gas supplied to your home, which could lead to serious risks for you and your family. Customers are responsible for protecting all metering and regulating equipment necessary for the supply of gas and for keeping it accessible at all times.

What if I can't clear my meter?

Contact us if you have difficulty clearing snow and ice from your meter.

Why did my meter reader not come as scheduled?

Our meter readers can't take a reading if access to your meter is blocked by snow, ice or heavy equipment. And they will not come on your property if your pets are running loose. Even the friendliest dog may bite someone it regards as a stranger. Be sure your pets are securely tied or kept inside the house when a meter reader or utility service representatives come onsite.