Custom Engineering Incentive Program

Incentives engineered to reduce energy costs and payback period

We're a leader in helping customers manage energy use, and engineering solutions play a substantial role in that effort. Our Custom Engineering Incentive Program can help fund eligible studies to identify energy-saving opportunities. The program also provides incentives to implement proven measures that reduce energy usage and increase business efficiency. Consider the variety of financial incentives available in the engineering-related areas below.

Incentives to identify natural gas savings and increase energy efficiency knowledge

Engineering studies are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to quantify potential energy savings, obtain detailed cost analyses and establish financial justification for energy improvements. Our 2 types of financial incentives can help fund studies to show how your business can better manage energy costs.

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Engineering feasibility studies

Learn about a 50% incentive (up to $10,000) to help fund thermal surveys, facility air-balances, HVAC and energy audits and other eligible studies.

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Process improvement studies

Take advantage of a 66% incentive (up to $20,000) to help fund heat integration studies, process integration analyses and other eligible studies.

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Incentives for implementing natural gas-saving measures

Optimize your company's natural gas consumption with incentives to install high-efficiency equipment and implement low-cost and no-cost energy-management strategies. Take advantage of 5 types of money-saving incentives available.

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Industrial and Commercial Custom Incentives

Reduce natural gas consumption with a range of incentives for new and retrofitted applications such as boilers, building and process controls and others.

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Runsmart building optimization

Optimize energy use with an incentive (up to $0.30/m3) to implement low-cost and no-cost measures such as calibrating sensors, reducing exhaust and more.

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See how you can save up to 50% of the meter cost (up to $3,500) by installing a natural gas, steam or hot-water meter to measure and monitor energy use.

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Note: All incentives and programs subject to change.

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