Submit a Meter Reading

Every other month, we read your gas meter to calculate your gas usage for the next billing period. In case we can’t take the meter reading due to weather or an inaccessible meter, you can still submit your current meter reading.

Submit your meter reading

How we use the meter reading

  • You are billed the difference between your meter reading at the beginning and end of a billing period.
  • If we haven't received your reading by your billing date, your gas usage is estimated. The estimate is based on your past usage, adjusted for exact weather conditions. Any over or under charge will be corrected with the next actual reading.

How to read your gas meter

See reading your gas meter for assistance.

Submit your meter reading

  1. Log in to MyAccount and enter the current reading. If you are logging in to MyAccount for the first time, you'll need your 14-digit account number and an email address.
  2. Call 1-888-774-3111 any time to record your reading. At the voice prompt, press 2, then 2, then 1. You’ll need your 14-digit account number.

When do I submit my meter reading?

Meter care

Learn more about gas meter safety. Contact us immediately at
1-888-774-3111 if you have any safety concerns about your gas meter.