M17 Transportation

Are you a distributor looking to move gas on the Enbridge Gas system?

If you are a distributor in Union South who is located east of Dawn, you can enter into a transportation contract with Enbridge Gas for the transportation of gas for distribution to your customers. This service includes Transportation on Enbridge’s pipeline facilities from any applicable receipt point to your delivery area.

Applicable receipt points include:

  • Dawn (as a receipt point, Dawn (TCPL), Dawn (facilities) and Dawn (Vector)
  • Kirkwall
  • Parkway

Service Highlights


Receipt and Delivery Points

  • Receipt Points - all of the following - Dawn Hub, Dawn (TCPL), Dawn (Vector), Kirkwall, Parkway
  • Delivery Points – distributor’s delivery area

Pricing and Fuel

  • Regulated rate service as per M17 Rate Schedule
    Monthly demand charge
    Monthly charge
  • Customers are billed monthly for all demand and commodity charges applicable



Contract Term

  • From five to 20 years

Service Eligibility

  • Available to distributors in Union South located east of Dawn

Complementary Services

  • Peak Storage provides balancing for gas supply and demand variations. Can improve transport load factors
  • Limited Balancing Agreement provides the ability to balance scheduled deliveries and measured quantities at the delivery area
  • Interconnect Operating Agreement

How to Request This Service

Contact an account manager or email us below for further information.

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