M16 Transportation

Looking to develop and market a storage facility inside Enbridge Gas’ franchise area?

This bi-directional transportation service provides third party, natural gas storage pool operators with transport between their storage pool and Enbridge Gas' Dawn Hub.  The transport service allows the storage operator to offer their customers Dawn Hub-based storage services.

The service is contingent on the storage operator building facilities to connect to Enbridge Gas' pipeline network of distribution, transmission or storage pipelines and typically relies, at least partially, on displacement to effectuate service.

The service is available on a firm or interruptible basis, subject to system capacity and local market size or requirements at the point of interconnection.  Firm service may require system upgrades which the shipper is responsible for via an "aid to construct" payment.

Given the unique nature of each storage pool and the options for connection to our system, each M16 contract is unique in regards to the specifics of pressure, flow rates, costs to connect and specific facilities required.  Potential M16 shippers are encouraged to contact us to discuss their options, given their specific project.

Service Highlights

  • Provides transportation between the storage location and Dawn Hub
  • Available as a firm or interruptible service
    • Firm service available only on nominations made on the Timely NAESB nomination cycle
    • Right to increase nomination on an interruptible transport (IT) basis on subsequent nomination cycles
  • Overrun and IT service available (subject to priority of service)
  • Shippers pay a monthly connection charge, a demand charge (for any firm portion of service), commodity and/or fuel charges based on transport direction and usage level

Receipt and Delivery Points

  • Dawn Hub, Dawn (TransCanada)

Pricing and Fuel

  • Regulated rate service as per M16 rate schedule
  • Demand charge for firm contract demand is different for "east of Dawn" or "west of Dawn".  East of Dawn applies if the Dawn-Parkway system is required to provide the M16 service
  • All values listed as Canadian currency
  • Regulated variable charges, based on direction of transport as per M16 rate schedule
  • Shippers can make a one time decision, at the time of contracting, to provide Enbridge Gas' supplied fuel (USF) or customer supplied fuel (CSF)
    • CSF is not subject to true up. USF is subject to intra-period WACOG adjustments

Contract Term

  • From five to 20 years

Service Eligibility

  • Available to any customer with an interruptible hub contract
  • Sold via direct negotiations between Enbridge Gas and the customer.  Potential customers should contact their account manager or the director of business development to initiate discussions
  • Maximum credit requirement - 12 months demand charge plus initial credit to cover any “aid to construct costs”

Complementary Services

  • Balancing service – basic M16 service requires the customer to hold a standard interruptible hub contract. The standard M16 contract uses the basic hub contract park and loan service to provide the balancing between the nominated flow and the actual flow to or from the pool in any day.  Enbridge Gas has an optional, unregulated M16 balancing service available that will provide more flexibility at a similar cost.
  • F24-T - upgrades M16 service to firm all day. Provides access to 13 nomination cycles
  • Enbridge Gas storage - provides the option for additional balancing and supplemental flexibility to complement the shipper’s own storage facility.
  • M12 and C1 transportation services – if the shipper wants the ability to move gas between Dawn Hub and Enbridge Gas' downstream or upstream interconnects, M12 or C1 transportation would complement their own storage and the M16 service

Regulatory Notes

  • The M16 Service was subject to a generic proceeding to review the cost structure of the rate and access issues. Potential customers are encouraged to review the EB-2004-0542 proceeding
  • M16 service has also been the subject of the Ontario Energy Board's proposed storage and transportation access rule EB-2008-0052 and potential customers should also review that proceeding

How to Request This Service

Contact an account manager or email us below for further information.

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