M12-X Transportation

Looking for a flexible and reliable transportation service linking diverse supply basins with premium markets?

The M12-X transportation service allows you to transport gas between any two points on the Dawn-Parkway system (Dawn, Parkway and Kirkwall),  on a firm basis. These six potential routes provide flexibility to move gas easterly or westerly, meeting changing demands each season, month, or day. For shippers with Marcellus gas production, this service provides access to  Dawn, one of the largest underground storage facilities in North America.

  • Flexible, firm, bi-directional, multiple receipt and delivery point, long-term transportation between Dawn, Parkway and Kirkwall
  • Access to Dawn, linking mature and emerging supply basins to markets in the Great Lakes region, Ontario, Quebec, and the U.S. Northeast 

Service Highlights

  • Firm service – on Timely NAESB nomination cycle
    • After the timely cycle, increases to nominations are available on an interruptible basis
  • Overrun rights (subject to priority of service)
  • Renewable annually for one year period after initial term has expired

 Receipt and
 Delivery Points

  • Receipt Points - Dawn, Parkway, Kirkwall
  • Delivery Points – Dawn (Facilities), Parkway , Kirkwall

Pricing and Fuel

  • Regulated rate service as per M12 Rate Schedule
    • Monthly demand charge
  • Regulated monthly fuel requirements as per M12 Rate Schedule, Schedule C
  • Subject to quarterly fuel adjustment (reflects difference between fuel provided and actual fuel consumed on a customer specific basis)


Contract Term

  • Minimum 10 years

Service Eligibility

  • Available to any shipper with an Interruptible Hub Contract
  • Sold via open season

Complementary Services

  • F24-T - Upgrades M12 transportation service to firm all day. Provides access to 13 nomination cycles
  • Peak Storage provides balancing for gas supply and demand variations. Can improve transport load factors

 How to Request


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