M12 Transportation

Looking to move gas from Dawn to markets in Ontario, Quebec and the U.S. Northeast?

Our Dawn-Parkway/Kirkwall M12 transportation service provides a reliable, cost effective means to move gas from Dawn to eastern markets.

  • From Parkway to interconnects at Waddington (Iroquois), East Hereford (Portland Natural Gas Transmission System), the Eastern Delivery Area (TransCanada), and the Central Delivery Area (TransCanada)
  • From Kirkwall to interconnects at Niagara (Tennessee and National Fuel) and Chippawa (Millennium and Empire)

This firm service will allow you to deliver gas between your selected receipt and delivery points year round, even on the peak summer and winter days.

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Service Information

Service Highlights

  • Firm service - on Timely NAESB nomination cycle
    • After the timely cycle, increases to nominations are available on an interruptible basis
  • Overrun rights (subject to priority of service)
  • Renewable annually for one year period after initial term has expired

Receipt and Delivery Points

  • Receipt Points - all of the following - Dawn, Dawn (TransCanada), Dawn (Vector), Dawn (Tecumseh), Kirkwall
  • Delivery Points - one of the following - Parkway (TransCanada), Kirkwall (TransCanada)

Pricing and Fuel


Contract Term

  • Typically 10 to 20 years

Service Eligibility

  • Available to any Shipper with an Interruptible Hub Contract
  • Sold via open season - supports expansions of the Dawn-Parkway system

Complementary Services

  • F24-T - Upgrades M12 transportation service to firm all day. Provides access to 13 nomination cycles
  • Peak Storage provides balancing for gas supply and demand variations. Can improve transport load factors

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