Exchange Service

Looking to move gas into or out of Ontario?  Are you trying to take advantage of basis differentials?

Our exchange service allows you to receive/deliver gas at one point on our system, and receive/deliver an equal quantity of gas at an off system point. This service is a great way to meet short term gas requirements outside of Southwestern Ontario without a long term transportation commitment with pipelines upstream or downstream of Dawn.


Service Highlights

  • Interruptible service 
    • Firm service may be available
  • Reliability of service is subject to pipeline scheduling at the exchange location
  • Entering into a demand charge rate or paying a premium variable rate will improve interruptible transport (IT) reliability
  • All exchange services must be nominated 2 hours prior to the Timely nomination cycle (10:45 a.m.  central time)
  • Nomination changes at other NAESB cycles are negotiable

Receipt and Delivery Points

  • Union Gas system points - Dawn, Parkway, Kirkwall, Union St. Clair (MichCon), Ojibway and Union Bluewater
  • Off System points - various points on TransCanada, Trunkline, Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line, Alliance, and Vector

Pricing and Fuel

  • Negotiated
    • Demand charge (take or pay) and/or negotiated variable charge
    • Fuel in or fuel out


Contract Term

  • From one day to one year

Service Eligibility

  • Available to all shippers who hold an interruptible hub contract

Complementary Services

  • Peak storage provides balancing for gas supply and demand variations. Can improve exchange load factors

How to Request Service

HUB Contract Application Form
Contact your account manager.
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