C1 Transportation

Looking to move gas between two interconnects on the Union Gas transmission system with service flexibility?

Our C1 transportation service provides a reliable, cost effective means to move gas from any one point on the Union Gas system to another (Dawn, Ojibway, Union St. Clair, Union Bluewater, Kirkwall, Parkway). 

The C1 service also allows you to move gas between upstream markets including:

  • TransCanada at Dawn
  • Vector at Dawn
  • MichCon at Union St. Clair
  • Panhandle at Ojibway
  • Bluewater at Union Gas' Bluewater interconnect

Downstream from Dawn, transportation options include:

  • From Parkway to interconnects at Waddington (Iroquois), East Hereford (Portland Natural Gas Transmission System), the Eastern Delivery Area (TransCanada), and the Central Delivery Area (TransCanada)
  • From Kirkwall to interconnects at Niagara (Tennessee and National Fuel) and Chippawa (Millennium and Empire)

Service Highlights

  • Point to point transportation service between any two points on Union Gas' system
  • Firm service - on Timely NAESB nomination cycle
    • After the Timely cycle, increases to nominations are available on an Interruptible basis
  • Interruptible service available - on any of the NAESB cycles
  • Entering into a demand charge or paying a premium variable rate will improve Interuptible Transport (IT) reliability. 
  • Please reference the priority of service schedule (POS) to better understand where the improved IT reliability ranks

Receipt and Delivery Points

  • Receipt Points -  Ojibway, Union St. Clair, Dawn, Dawn (TransCanada), Dawn (Vector), Dawn (Tecumseh), Parkway, Kirkwall, Union Bluewater  
  • Delivery Points - Any one of the following - Ojibway, Union St. Clair, Dawn, Dawn (TransCanada), Dawn (Vector), Dawn (Tecumseh), Parkway, Kirkwall, Union Bluewater

Pricing and Fuel

  • Term - one year or less
    • Negotiated demand charge and/or variable charge and fuel 
  • Term – between one year and two years
  • Term – Greater than 2 years
    • Regulated rates and fuel as per C1 Rate Schedule plus an ability to negotiate a premium above the regulated rates
  • Shippers are billed monthly for all demand and commodity charges applicable


Contract Term

  • From one day to multiple years

Service Eligibility

  • Available to all shippers who hold an Interruptible Hub contract
  • Typically sold via open season or as negotiated when responding to shipper requests for service

Complementary Services

  • F24-T - Upgrades C1 transportation service to firm all day. Provides access to 13 nomination cycles
  • Peak Storage provides balancing for gas supply and demand variations. Can improve transport load factors

How to Request Service


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