Off Peak Storage

Looking to store gas for a short period of time? Are you able to avoid the peak injection season?

Our off peak storage service provides customers with access to storage space during Enbridge Gas' non-critical storage periods.  Traditionally, off peak storage is available any time between November and August of each year.  Off peak storage provides customers with the flexibility to inject and withdraw gas at their discretion to meet short-term needs.  Customers looking to capture premiums in the market, balance supply or manage delivery commitments on downstream pipelines typically use this service.

Off peak storage can be cycled, there is no obligation to withdraw before end of the contract term, and firm or interruptible injections and withdrawals can be negotiated.  The term is also negotiable but limited to less than one year and should not cross into the peak storage season.

Service Highlights

  • Firm/interruptible injections and withdrawals can be negotiated
  • Ability to cycle multiple times

Receipt and Delivery Points

  • Dawn Hub

Pricing and Fuel

  • Negotiated price
  • Fuel included in price
  • Cycling charge for injection or withdrawal beginning on second cycle
  • Customers are billed monthly


  • One to three page hub enhancement agreement to your standard interruptible hub contract
  • Requires executed interruptible hub contract

Contract Term

  • Less than one year
  • Term may not be extended beyond October 31st

Service Eligibility

  • Available to all customers who hold an interruptible hub contract
  • Credit may be required
    • Maximum credit requirement - full demand charge

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How to Request This Service

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