Looking to take advantage of market spreads? Need gas now but want to pay it back later?

Our loan service provides shippers with the ability to withdraw (borrow) gas from Union Gas for a defined period and inject (repay) that same quantity over a period in the future.  This service enables shippers to capture market price spreads (sell high priced borrowed gas and buy low priced replacement gas), manage upstream curtailments or plant shutdowns, and manage delivery commitments on downstream pipelines.

A loan can be contracted with either firm or interruptible injections and withdrawals.  The term is also negotiable to meet your needs.

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Service Information

Service Highlights

  • Firm/interruptible withdrawals and injections
  • Limited cycling rights - one turn service

Receipt and Delivery Points

  • Dawn

Pricing and Fuel

  • Negotiated demand price
  • Fuel included in price
  • Shippers are billed monthly


Contract Term

  • From two days to one year

Service Eligibility

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