High Deliverability Storage

Looking to cycle your storage multiple times? Need to move large quantities of gas in and out of storage quickly?

Dawn Hub is a premium, fully integrated storage facility that provides customers with the option to contract for high deliverability storage service. This service allows our customers to hold a minimum amount of inventory but withdraw or inject gas in high daily quantities on a firm basis. Customers can choose from three standard services (5, 10, or 20 day), or customize a service to meet your unique needs.

Service Highlights

  • Firm injections and withdrawals
    • Access to firm service throughout gas year
    • Standard service includes a 5, 10, or 20 day withdrawal service
    • Customized to meet your requirements
  • Interruptible and overrun service available
  • Multi-cycle service - up to 36 cycles per year
  • No inventory balance requirements
  • No ratchets

Receipt and Delivery Points

  • Dawn Hub
  • Other system and off system points are negotiable
Typical Customers

Typical Customers


Pricing and Fuel

  • Demand charge - negotiated for all storage services
  • Variable and fuel charges - negotiable
  • Standard charges are outlined in the MPSS schedule
  • Customers are billed monthly for all demand charges



Service Eligibility

  • Available to all customers who hold an interruptible hub contract
  • Sold via open seasons, through direct negotiations or in response to a request for proposal (RFP)

Complementary Services

How to Request This Service

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