Upstream Pipe Balancing Service (UPBS)

Looking to balance uneven consumption with deliveries of gas supplies at Dawn Hub?

Our Upstream Pipeline Balancing Service (UPBS) enhances your existing storage service allowing you to evenly balance flows arriving at Dawn Hub (including purchased gas supplies, withdrawals from storage, or gas arriving from upstream pipelines) with uneven downstream consumption requirements.

The UPBS allows you to specify the hours of injection and/or withdrawal and ensure that gas supplies closely match consumption requirements on an hourly basis. The UPBS helps you minimize downstream balancing costs.

Service Highlights

  • Quantity of gas injected or withdrawn in any hour cannot exceed the total daily contracted quantity divided by 20
    • Example:
      • Daily firm withdrawal demand = 50,000 GJ/d
      • Hourly contract withdrawal demand is 2,500 GJ/h
      • Quantity of gas injected or withdrawn over entire gas day cannot exceed total daily contracted quantity
    • Example:
      • Daily firm withdrawal demand = 50,000 GJ/d
      • Sum of injections/withdrawals cannot exceed 50,000 GJ/d
  • Customer may nominate UPBS on a firm basis on the timely nomination cycle and on an interruptible basis on each of the next three NAESB nomination cycles. If a shipper contracts for F24-S, the shipper has access to all 13 nomination cycles and the service is firm on each nomination cycle
  • Overrun of UPBS (and underlying storage contract) may be provided. Any overrun of an hourly quantity will be considered as overrun for the entire gas day

Receipt and Delivery Points

  • Dawn Hub

Pricing and Fuel

  • Negotiated rate
  • Customers are billed monthly for all demand charges
  • No incremental fuel charges (notwithstanding fuel provided as per underlying storage contract)
  • No incremental variable charges (notwithstanding commodity charges required as per underlying storage contract)
  • Overrun charges equal to 1.5 times the underlying storage contract demand charges


  • Schedule added to existing executed storage contract
  • Assignable to third parties with a firm storage contract on a temporary or permanent basis. View our standard storage assignment agreement

Contract Term

  • From one storage season to ten years

Service Eligibility

  • Available to all customers who hold a storage contract with firm injection and/or withdrawal parameters
  • Term of storage contract must be equal to or longer than term of UPBS contract
  • Quantity of firm storage injections/withdrawals must be equal to or greater than quantity of UPBS contract
  • The firm injection and withdrawal parameters are assumed to be of equal quantities

Recommended Services

  • F24-T (Firm All Day Transport)
  • F24-S (Firm All Day Storage)
  • DPBS (Downstream Pipeline Balancing Service)

How to Request This Service

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