F24-T Service

Do you want firm injection or withdrawal rights post Timely nomination cycle? How about firm all day on 13 nomination cycles?

Our F24-T service enables you to access firm transportation all day using any of our 13 nominations cycles. This service offers exceptional flexibility to customers who have varying transportation needs throughout the gas day, or to those who enter into transactions after the Timely nomination cycle.

Service Highlights

  • Enhancement to a new or existing firm transportation service
  • Firm daily service - on all five NAESB nomination cycles plus additional eight nomination cycles
  • This service transforms the contracted demand in your underlying transportation contract into a "firm all day" service
  • Overrun applies only to the underlying transportation contract
  • Hourly Quantity (HQ) of gas transported cannot exceed the daily contracted quantity (DCQ) divided by 20
  • Example:
    • DCQ = 100,000 GJ/d
    • HQ is 5,000 GJ/h
    • Total flow at ID2 nomination cycle (12 hours remaining in gas day) cannot exceed 60,000 GJ (5,000 GJ/h x 12 hours)
  • During the gas day, the time between nomination deadline and effective flow of gas is approximately two hours

Receipt and Delivery Points

  • Based on receipt and delivery points of underlying firm transportation contract
  • Receipt and delivery points - Ojibway, Union St. Clair, Dawn Hub, Dawn (TransCanada), Dawn (Vector), Dawn (Tecumseh), Parkway, Kirkwall, Union Bluewater

Pricing and Fuel

  • Demand charge as outlined in M12 transportation rate schedule
  • Shippers are billed monthly for all demand charges
  • No incremental fuel charges (notwithstanding fuel provided as per underlying transportation contract)



Contract Term

  • From one year to ten years
  • Renewal rights for contracts in excess of three years
    • Renewal for one year term with two years notice of termination

Service Eligibility

  • Available to all customers who hold a firm M12 or C1 transportation contract
  • Term of F24-T contract must be equal to or shorter than that of the firm transportation contract
  • Quantity of F24-T cannot exceed the quantity of the firm transportation contract

Recommended Services

  • F24-S (Firm All Day Storage)
  • UPBS (Upstream Pipeline Balancing Service)
  • DPBS (Downstream Pipeline Balancing Service)

How to Request This Service

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