Downstream Pipe Balancing Service (DPBS)

Looking for a short-term, short notice balancing service at Parkway or Kirkwall?

Our Downstream Pipeline Balancing Service (DPBS) is designed for customers who have short notice delivery requirements (15 minutes notice) at Parkway/Kirkwall.

This service may be purchased on a stand-alone basis, or may be used in conjunction with an existing storage contract with firm injection/withdrawal parameters. DPBS allows you to submit electronic nominations on a short notice basis, and ensure that your gas supplies closely match your consumption requirements on a 15 minute basis. DPBS provides you with up to six hours of balancing service at Parkway/Kirkwall. The use of DPBS helps you minimize your downstream balancing costs.

Service Highlights

  • Firm, short notice (15 minutes) intraday balancing service providing a park and loan service at Parkway/Kirkwall
  • Submit electronic nominations for up to 96 notice periods for changes to activity at Parkway or Kirkwall (ability to increase or decrease net exports to TransCanada)
  • Customer can export to TransCanada a total quantity equal to its maximum hourly transportation demand. The source of the export can be flowing transportation gas from Dawn , or a withdrawal from Dawn Hub
    • Example:
      • Daily firm transportation contract = 100,000 GJ/d
      • Hourly transportation demand = 5,000 GJ/h (100,000 GJ/d divided by 20)
      • Hourly storage contract withdrawal demand is 5,000 GJ/h (100,000 GJ/d divided by 20)
      • Total flowing gas on M12 Dawn to Parkway contract at 11:00am = 2,000 GJ/h
      • Total withdrawal from storage contract (at Dawn Hub) at 11:00 am = 0
      • Maximum DPBS withdrawal available from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm = 3,000 GJ/h (5,000 GJ/h transport limit less 2,000 GJ/h flowing gas)
  • Customer can reduce its exports to TransCanada and inject into DPBS
    • Example:
      • Use same storage and transportation parameters as above
      • Total flowing gas on M12 to Parkway contract as 11:00 am = 2,000 GJ/h
      • Total injection to storage contract (at Dawn Hub) at 11:00 am = 0 GJ/h
      • Maximum DPBS injection available from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm = 2,000 GJ/h (equal to 2,000 GJ/h of flowing gas on transport)
  • Hourly DPBS quantity determined as lesser of hourly transport demand and hourly storage withdrawal demand
  • Customer submits an hourly profile which specifies the net deliveries to TransCanada for each hour (by 15 minute segment)
  • Balance account limits:
    • Maximum upper limit (storage limit) - plus three times hourly DPBS quantity
    • Maximum lower limit (loan limit) - negative three times hourly DPBS quantity
  • No requirements to reduce balance to zero at any time
  • Customers are billed monthly for all demand charges
  • Overrun of DPBS (and underlying storage contract) may be provided. Any overrun of an hourly quantity will be considered overrun for the entire gas day

NOTE: above service description based on use of DPBS in conjunction with an existing storage contract. Service parameters vary if using stand alone DPBS offering


Receipt and Delivery Points

  • Parkway or Kirkwall

Pricing and Fuel

  • Negotiated price
  • No incremental fuel charges (notwithstanding commodity charges required as per underlying storage and transportation contract)
  • No incremental commodity or variable charges
  • Overrun charges equal to 1.5 times underlying demand storage demand charges


  • Schedule added to existing executed storage contract
  • Assignable to third parties with a firm storage contract on a temporary or permanent basis. View our standard storage assignment agreement

Contract Term

  • Varying length from one storage season to ten years

Service Eligibility

  • Available to customers outside of Enbridge Gas' distribution area. Intended to supply customers who use firm transport short notice (FT-SN) service on TransCanada
  • Available to all customers who hold a firm Dawn to Parkway/Kirkwall transportation contract
  • Term of transportation contract must be equal to or longer than term of DPBS contract
  • Hourly quantity of firm transport (daily quantity divided by 20) must be equal to or greater than quantity of DPBS contract

Recommended Services

  • F24-T (Firm All Day Transport)
  • F24-S (Firm All Day Storage)
  • UPBS (Upstream Pipeline Balancing Service)

How to Request This Service

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