Interruptible Hub

The base contract to begin your storage and transportation business with Union Gas.

The interruptible hub service, which has no setup fee or demand charge, is the standard service for shippers who require basic short-term services to manage their day-to-day gas needs. It serves as the base contract for shippers looking to enhance their storage and transportation service with Union Gas.

The interruptible hub service includes park and loan, transportation, exchange, and name changes (title transfers) services. Simply nominate the service and pay the posted price without any additional contracting requirements. If you have a need for services with different terms or parameters, please contact your account manager.



  • All services are interruptible.
  • Nominate and flow service - request service on Unionline - nominate at any NAESB cycle and service will be scheduled (assuming no asset restrictions). No sales contact required
  • Interruptible park and loan service:
    • Ability to hold a park balance of 120,000 GJs and a loan balance of 70,000 GJs (subject to credit)
    • Hub pricing schedule - see section C (balancing) to view current price details
  • Interruptible transportation (IT) Service:
    • Provides an interruptible service between any two points on Union Gas' system
    • Hub pricing schedule - see section A (transport) to view current price details
  • Interruptible exchange service:
    • Provides the ability to receive/deliver gas at one point on Union Gas' system and receive/deliver an equal amount at an off system point on another pipeline.
    • Hub pricing schedule - see section B (exchange) to view current price details
    • All exchange services must be nominated two hours prior to the timely nomination cycle
  • Name change service (title transfers):
    • A name change allows you to transfer ownership of your gas to another party
    • Available at all  Union Gas system points
    • Hub pricing schedule - see section D (name change) to view current price details

Receipt and Delivery Points

  • Union Gas system points - Dawn, Parkway, Kirkwall, Union St. Clair (MichCon), Ojibway, and Union Bluewater
  • Off-system points - utilized using exchange services - TransCanada, Trunkline, Panhandle, Alliance, and Vector

Pricing and Fuel

  • Variable charge (pay as you utilize) - no demand charge
  • Posted monthly on our website - $CAD/GJ or $CAD/MMBtu 
  • No fuel charges


Contract Term

  • Evergreen contract

Service Eligibility

Complementary Services

How to Request Service


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