Storage & Transportation Invoices

On (or before) the tenth business day of each month, your Storage & Transportation invoice will be available for viewing and printing online, using our Unionline system. A message will be posted to the Unionline message board when your invoice is available. The online version of the invoice includes invoice details, reports on your storage and transportation usage for the month, and a link to summary information.

The Storage & Transportation invoice package contains four components:

  • The invoice - details all charges for the current month's activity.  It will be sent to all shippers with billable charges
  • Invoice summary - this report summarizes your current month's charges, including any balance forwards
  • Dispersal reports - these reports summarize the daily backup detail for storage, transportation, and exchange services
  • Daily backup - this report details all quantities for the month

Please view the sample invoice package for detailed information about the Storage & Transportation invoice.

For information on how to pay your invoice, please see our S&T invoice payment process.