Getting Started

Before we can start working together, please complete a hub contract application and request access to Unionline, our secure, online nominations tool.

1Complete a hub contract application

The hub contract is our standard interruptible service contract. There is no cost to initiate and you only pay for the services you use.

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Why do you need a hub contract?

With a hub contract in place you can buy and sell gas at the Dawn Hub, and you can nominate the following services:

Need help?
Please contact S&T Contracting at 519-436-4509

Note: Enbridge Gas requires written validation of your company's legal name for contracting and invoicing purposes. In addition to the hub contract application form, you are required to provide one of the following documents:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Articles of amalgamation
  • Articles of amendment
  • Audited financial statements

2Request access to Unionline

Unionline provides customers with the ability to transact with us online. Any customer that holds a contract with us can request access.

Request Access

Why do you need Unionline access?

Access to Unionline will enable you to:

  • Manage your nominations
  • View Storage and Transportation contract details and parameters
  • View and accept all contracts
  • View and download all reports related to your contracts
  • View and download current and historical invoices
  • View all Unionline tutorials

Need help?
Please contact Unionline support at 519-436-5446

Note: You must assign Unionline Access Administration rights to someone in your company. Access administration rights allow you to self-manage access to sensitive information. You can view, modify and/or remove Unionline access for anyone in your company.

Keeping you informed

Our online tools and reports are designed to keep you informed and to help us work together. They include:

  • Current Rates & Fuel Ratios - we post all Ontario Energy Board approved rates online, including hub pricing, storage and transportation pricing and fuel summaries
  • Email Notification Service - subscribe to our email notification service and get the information you need delivered directly to your inbox. Subscriptions include operational notifications, status updates for storage and transportation, pipeline capacity and open seasons
  • Operational Status Indicator - our "traffic light" provides the yesterday, today and tomorrow outlook for each specific path on our transportation system
  • Gas Day Summary Report - offers a snapshot of final scheduled quantities based on our last nomination window for the preceding gas day
  • Operational Available Transport Capacity - provides the capacity, scheduled capacity and available capacity for each nomination window on every gas day
  • Design Capacity Report - includes storage capacity and design peak withdrawal capacity
  • Semi-Annual Storage Report - includes new and amended storage contracts
  • Storage Inventory Report - provides monthly storage levels for the pools we own and operate
  • Operational Notices - maintenance or construction activities or market conditions that are likely to alter scheduling nominations
  • Interactive Map and Transportation Toll Calculator - provides an overview of our transmission system, including information about the Dawn Hub and our interconnects, and includes a transportation toll calculator

Questions? We can help!

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