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Our Frequently Asked Questions section has the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our Storage & Transportation services. Links throughout the answers will guide you to further information on our website or from other sources.

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    What are price adjustments

    Price adjustments refund or collect the difference between forecasted costs and actual costs from a prior period. The price Union Gas charges customers for gas is a forecasted price. This forecast is updated and approved by the Ontario Energy Board quarterly to reflect changes in the market price of natural gas.

    Because Union Gas is not allowed to earn a profit on the sale of gas, we track the difference between the price we charge our customers for gas based on this forecast and the actual cost of gas we purchase during the same period.

    When forecasted costs differ from actual costs, Union Gas applies a price adjustment to the gas rate to refund or collect the difference. In this way we can ensure that the actual costs of gas is passed through to our customers and not a penny more.

    These are not new or extra charges. In the past, price adjustments were blended into the gas, transportation storage and delivery to you rates. Back to Top

    Who is my Account Manager?

    Your Account Manager's contact information is located on Unionline under Contract Details. The name, e-mail address and phone numbers of your Account Manager will be located on the Contact Information tab. If this person cannot be reached, a list of all Account Managers is available on our contact us page. Any of our representatives would be happy to help with any concerns.

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    What is the difference between M12 and C1 transport?

    M12 transport only transports gas from Dawn to Parkway or Kirkwall, while C1 transport can transport gas anywhere on Union Gas' system including Bluewater, St. Clair, Ojibway, Dawn, Parkway and Kirkwall. The demand charges for transportation from Dawn to Parkway or Kirkwall are the same for both C1 and M12 transportation services, however fuel charges differ between the two. M12 transport fuel cost changes monthly and the customer is subject to quarterly true ups, while C1 transport fuel cost is fixed for each season and not subject to true up. M12 transport service is intended for long term contracts, lasting 10 years or more, but the C1 transport service can be either long term or short term.

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    Where can I find a copy of the contract parameters and executed contracts?

    Shipper specific information, contract parameters, as well as executed contracts, are all available to each Shipper through Unionline.

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    Where can I find standard contracts?

    Standard contacts and general contract information can be found within the Resources section of the website, under Standard Contracts and Documents. This area includes copies of all of Union Gas' Standard contracts for the main Storage & Transportation services. Back to Top