Yearly Commodity Required Process

The Yearly Commodity Required (YCR) is a fuel true up mechanism for Shippers who hold M12 Transportation Contract(s) with Enbridge Gas.  The true-up represents the difference between the quantity of fuel supplied by the M12 Shipper to Enbridge Gas based on the posted M12 fuel rate and the quantity of fuel that Enbridge Gas incurred to provide the Transportation Service during the same period.  If you have multiple M12 Transportation Contracts, the Fuel Imbalance is the aggregate of all of your contracts.  At a minimum, Enbridge Gas is required to reconcile fuel imbalances on an annual basis using Ontario Energy Board approved formulas.   Based on Shipper feedback, we are currently calculating and applying the true-up amount on a quarterly basis.

Approximately six weeks after each quarter ends, we send an email communication with the details of your Fuel Imbalance. A YCRR HUB account for each customer is set up to house the Fuel Imbalance.   You are able to nominate to/from the YCRR HUB account without incurring a fee until the end of the following quarter (see example timeline below).  After this date, any remaining balance will be transferred to your regular HUB account, incurring normal HUB transaction charges (and potential overrun charges and extension fees) to transfer the balance.

Example timeline for Q1 (January 1 through March 31):

April Fuel Imbalances calculated for Q1
May 15 YCR HUB accounts set up
May 15 Communication email sent to Shippers
May 15-June 30 No fees to clear the YCR HUB account
June 30 Transfer remaining balance to regular HUB

Please see the M12 Transportation Rate Schedule for more information on the YCR process.