Invoice and Payment Options

Storage & Transportation Shippers have asked for options on receiving and paying their invoices. We are pleased to offer you a number of invoice and payment options that are convenient and easy to use.

Invoice Options

Union Gas customers have the following options to receive or view their invoices:

1)  Paperless invoicing

By choosing paperless invoicing, you can elect to receive your invoice via email or you can log in to Unionline to view your bill. To enrol in paperless invoicing contact your account manager or email

To enrol yourself:

  1. Log in to Unionline.
  2. Navigate to the Invoices screen (e.g. Direct Purchase, Distribution or S&T).
    At the bottom of the invoice screen, select the Paperless Invoice Election Form.
  3. Select "Please enroll the selected contracts in the environmentally-friendly paperless invoicing."
  4. You have two options for viewing your paperless invoice.
    • If you would like to receive your invoice via PDF directly to your inbox, select the option “Include electronic invoice (PDF) in the notification email.”
    • If you would like to receive notification that your invoice is ready for viewing in Unionline, please move on to the next step.
  5. Select the contracts to be enrolled.
  6. Select "Add New Contact". You can enter as many people as you would like. (Please note: all contacts will need to have Unionline access to view the invoice.)
  7. Select "Save Contact"
  8. Select "Save Enrolment"
  9. Click on the "Submit" button and the form will be electronically submitted to Union Gas.
    All contacts will receive an email that will provide an effective date for paperless invoicing. Please note:  Requests received more than five (5) business days prior to the last day of the month will be effective the following month.

You are ready for paperless invoicing!

Every month, all requested contacts will be sent an email according to the viewing method you have selected.  If you don't have Unionline, it is fast and easy to register. For more information on how to enroll in paperless invoicing.

2) View your invoice on Unionline

  • Log in to Unionline and view your current invoice and your account history
  • If you don't have Unionline, it is fast and easy to register

3) Receive your invoice by mail

Payment Options

Shippers now have three options to pay their Union Gas invoice:

1)  Pay online

Through any major financial institution, you can now set up and pay your invoice online. To pay your invoice online, you can set up Union Gas Storage and Transportation with your financial institution using the 8 digit contract number starting with "ST" found on your invoice (e.g. ST00000000). *Please note:  This option is currently not available for Shippers invoiced in U.S. dollars. We continue to work with financial institutions to add this option in the near future

2)  Pay by wire

Wire payments are accepted. Please contact your Account Manager if you require additional information regarding wire payments.

Wires must be accompanied by remittance detail (account number(s) and amount paid for each invoice). Your payment can be mailed or faxed to:

Central Cashiering Department
Fax: 1-800-799-0039 or 519-436-5401

3)  Pay by cheque

Cheques should be made payable to Union Gas Limited and include the invoice number. Please send your cheque and a copy of the invoice to:

Team Lead, Central Cashiering
Union Gas Limited
PO Box 2001
50 Keil Drive North
Chatham Ontario, Canada
N7M 5M1

Elected Currency

Shippers can be invoiced in either Canadian funds, US funds or both (dependant on the currency the deal was contracted in). The currency option you prefer to be invoiced in is your Elected Currency. You are required to pay your invoice in the same currency as invoiced (i.e. your Elected Currency). You can continue to negotiate contracts with your sales representative in either currency, but your invoice will either convert all charges to your single Elected Currency using the Monthly Average Daily Rate posted by the Bank of Canada or if your Elected Currency is dual (both CAD and USD) then you will receive two invoices; one for you CAD contracts and one for your USD contracts.

Payment Due Date

For information on your payment due date, please refer to your invoice. If payment is not received by the due date, late payment charges will be applied at the minimum commercial per annum lending rate of Union Gas' principal bank.