Storage Operations Update at Dawn

Jan 5, 2018

The extreme magnitude and persistence of the recent cold weather is taxing energy infrastructure across North America.

Through this period of sustained cold, Union Gas has met all of our Firm Contracted Services including storage, transportation and distribution as well as a considerable volume of Interruptible requests.

We operate our storage system knowing that we need to maintain service over the remainder of the winter. Here are some statistics about our storage system operations during this recent cold spell:

  • Between December 27 and January 3, Union Gas withdrew on average 3.4 PJ/d per day serving BOTH firm and interruptible demands, including a record 4.2 PJ on New Year's Day!
  • Almost 30 PJ (approximately 17 PJ Firm and 13 PJ IT) have been withdrawn from storage over the 8 day period, or 16% of total storage capacity. This is the highest 8 day withdrawal from Dawn storage in Union Gas' history.
  • For yesterday's Gas Day, January 4, Union Gas received requests for interruptible withdrawal service that are approximately 3 times our physical capabilities for the day.

Union Gas will continue to operate its storage system to meet all firm demand and as much IT demand as we possibly can.

Please contact your account manager with any additional questions.