Semi Annual Storage Report

For the period September 1, 2018 to February 28, 2019

Storage Report
Shipper Unit Rate
Total Revenue
Greenfield Energy Centre LP  $11.2500000 $417,657
Greenfield Energy Centre LP  $8.7999773 $631,431
PetroChina International (Canada) Trading Ltd.  $0.6160810 $429,969
Citadel Energy Marketing LLC  $0.6634719 $256,533
Koch Canada Energy Services, LP  $0.6634719 $285,460
BP Canada Energy Group ULC  $0.6824282 $36,570

Unit rate reflects demand charge only.
Unit rate assumes that US/Cdn exchange rate = 1.00.

This report shows only those contracts that were new or amended in the stated period.
View a full report of all contracts that were current in the stated period.