Storage and Transportation Access Rules (STAR) Dispute Resolution Mechanism

For issues shippers have been unable to resolve through their contact person /account representative in regards to the Storage and Transportation Access Rule, complaints shall be submitted in writing to the Compliance Officer.

Mark Kitchen
Director, Regulatory Affairs

P.O. Box 2001
50 Keil Drive North
Chatham, Ontario
N7M 5M1

Written complaints should include:

  1. Customer name and contact information,
  2. Customer contract number(s) (if applicable),
  3. A detailed description of the nature of the complaint, and
  4. Any other information that would help Union Gas understand the complaint

Written complaints received by Union Gas will be handled fairly, effectively, courteously, confidentially (if applicable) and on a timely basis.

In the event that resolution is not achieved to the satisfaction of the complainant, the complainant may refer the matter to the Ontario Energy Board via:

Market Operations Hotline
416-440-7604 or 1-888-632-6273