Understanding my bill

The first step toward saving

Understanding your bill and your natural gas use is the first step toward saving money and energy.

Track your energy savings every month in myaccount, our convenient and secure 24/7 account management tool:

  • View and compare bills from the past 24 months to see your progress from taking energy-saving steps.Compare usage bar chart
  • Understand the number of days the bill covers, the gas rates in place for the billing period and details about temperature, especially cold temperatures, and how it affects natural gas use.
  • Heating degree days is a measure of coldness for comparative purposes. A heating degree-day is the difference between 18 ° C and the average outdoor temperature. As the weather gets colder, the number of degree-days increases, and you use more gas. If the average temperature is 10° C, then the number of degree-days is 8 (18°-10°).

Information available in myaccount

  • View, compare, and download up to 24 months of gas consumption in the Compare My Bill section.
  • See your current and historical gas rates.

Gas rates

Natural gas prices are at their lowest level in a decade due to new gas deposits found in North America. See the current and historical gas rates for your area.