Home Energy Audit

We promote energy efficiency and encourage everyone to have an energy reduction plan. As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, we created the Wise Energy guide as your resource for reliable information about energy solutions.

Find ways to help you save

An energy audit helps you analyze the energy efficiency of your home and find improvements to your heating, cooling, and hot water systems. Complete the do-it-yourself Wise Energy Checklist for a list of do-it-yourself steps to save energy.

Download the checklist

Getting started

  • Read the Wise Energy Guide for conservation tips to help you take control of energy usage around your home. Download the Wise Energy Guide.
  • Complete the do-it-yourself energy checklist to evaluate the current efficiency of your heating, cooling, and hot water heating systems. You’ll need about an hour to complete the audit. Download and complete the Wise Energy Checklist. A new window will open.

Next steps

Wise Energy Guide
  • Make a list of the energy-saving jobs needed. Note the jobs you can do yourself and the jobs needing a professional contractor.
  • You may qualify for the Home Reno Rebate for energy-efficient renovations or upgrades to your home. Find out about the Home Reno Rebate.
  • As you complete the jobs, we are confident you will be pleased with the results – lower energy bills and greater comfort. Track your energy-saving progress in MyAccount, our online account management tool.

Get a professional energy audit

Hire a professional energy advisor licensed by Natural Resources Canada to assess your home’s energy efficiency. The energy advisor evaluates your current energy efficiency and suggests improvements. The advisor inspects your home from top to bottom and conducts a blower door test to measure heat loss.

You’ll get:

  • A report suggesting improvements, ranking the cost-effectiveness of each improvement, and any upgrades eligible for government rebates.
  • An EnerGuide rating for your home, from 0 to 100. EnerGuide is an energy-efficiency rating, developed by Natural Resources Canada, used to compare the energy performance of similar-sized homes.

Hire a professional energy advisor