Home Weatherization Program

The Right Things To Do.  And The Smart Way To Do It.

In support of Ontario's energy conservation efforts, Union Gas is working to improve the energy efficiency of homes throughout the province. The Home Weatherization Program by Union Gas provides FREE energy upgrades, for the homes of income eligible customers. These upgrades will provide you with the benefit of greater comfort and lower heating bills.

You can save up to 30% on your gas heating bill each year by participating in this program. More than 9,400 homes have already participated and 81% deem to be highly satisfied with their experience.

What you get:

  1. A Home Energy Assessment by a Certified Energy Auditor
  2. Insulation as needed, in your basement, walls and attic
  3. Water-saving products to lower your hot-water costs
  4. Programmable thermostat that adjusts the temperature when you're asleep or away
  5. More comfortable home, all year around

To be eligible for Home Weatherization Program, you need to meet the below requirements:

House Icon
Home Requirements

1. Built before 1975 and requires more insulation

2. Has a natural gas furnace and you pay the Union Gas bill

Number of people in household

Maximum annual pre-tax income









Five plus

$69,217 - Add $8,849 per person

This program will not affect income from government assistance programs. All upgrades installed at no cost to you by our authorized contractors. Should you not meet the above eligibility criteria, you can participate in the Home Reno rebate program by Union Gas. 

Find Out If You Qualify

If you feel you meet the eligibility criteria above; you can either apply online or call our authorized contractor.

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