ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Features

What does the ENERGY STAR® label mean?

To earn the label, a home must be built by a licensed ENERGY STAR® builder to a higher standard of energy efficiency– behind the walls, up in the attic and under the foundation. Look for the familiar ENERGY STAR® label, usually found on the electrical panel in the utility room.

See what goes into an ENERGY STAR® home.

Some of the key features that set an ENERGY STAR® home apart

ENERGY STAR® for New Homes

Airtight Construction

Efficient Temperature Control

Efficient Temperature Control
Circulating comfort
  • High efficiency heating and cooling equipment is properly sized to improve comfort, reduce cold spots, and save energy
  • HVAC equipment and associated ductwork are professionally installed to maximize comfort and performance
  • Ducts are sealed to reduce air leakage, improve comfort and enhance savings

Better Ventilation

Better Ventilation
Breathe Easy
  • High performance ventilation improves air quality by exhausting stale air and distributing fresh outdoor air evenly throughout the home
  • Filters reduce pollutants and dust
  • Heat/Energy Recovery Ventilation captures heat and energy to improve comfort and cut costs
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