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Our cover feature profiles how an Oakville family created a Backyard Oasis and showcases the latest natural gas outdoor products and accessories for a complete entertainment area. We asked cookbook author Pamela Steel to provide some of her best backyard barbecuing tips and a jumbo shrimp recipe that you can easily prepare, too.

Before you start your gardening this year, be sure to read Landscaping for Efficiency to learn how your property’s plants can help lower your heating, cooling and water costs. Click & Clip points you to online coupons and other offers to save energy this summer. If a new home is in your plans, It’s What’s Inside that Counts shows how some Ontario builders are getting a jump on the next building code, and Moving Easy is a timely reminder about how to reduce some of the hassle of your next move.

Making a Difference is what Union Gas is doing at its new Hamilton Office and Training Facility, where a former brownfield site was revitalized to indicate new prosperity in the city and region.

We’re proud of how natural gas provides value to our customers and contributes to the vigour of the communities we serve.

And, with prices significantly lower than 10 years ago, natural gas is fuelling resurgence in all things related to gas.

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Steve Baker
President, Union Gas

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