Useful Links

Canadian Gas Association
Discover the Canada-wide Home Tune-up and what you can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and your energy costs.

Spectra Energy
Find out more about the parent company of Union Gas.

Ontario Natural Gas Alliance
At ONGA we believe natural gas is the best energy for Ontario’s future. It’s clean. It’s affordable. And it has the potential to fuel an economic revitalization.

Heating, Refrigeration and
Air Conditioning Institute (HRAI)

Identify what differentiates an HVAC member in good standing from every other contractor and explore the career opportunities that exist in the HVACR industry.

Natural Gas Information and
Educational Resources

Get to know natural gas energy from exploration to end use.

Ontario Energy Association
Need to know what questions to ask energy marketers? Looking for answers to the most frequently asked questions? OEMA offers consumers this information and more.

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