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When it comes to buying natural gas, you have choices - you can purchase natural gas from Union Gas or from a retail energy marketer. Even if you purchase from an energy marketer, we will continue to deliver the natural gas to your home, safely and reliably.

The role of Union Gas

Union Gas is a regulated natural gas distribution utility. Our commitment to exceptional service and reliability continues to set us apart in the public utility sector.

  • We provide you with a full range of utility services including billing, meter reading and 24-hour emergency gas service - and of course you can choose to buy your gas from Union Gas.
  • Our gas rates for the purchase, transportation and delivery of natural gas to homes are regulated by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) and reviewed quarterly.
  • Our customers pay the same price we pay for natural gas, without mark-up. As a distribution company, we earn our income from the distribution and storage of natural gas.
  • We do not go door-to-door selling natural gas. Our employees or partners always wear ID badges in the event of a service appointment or an emergency.

What you need to know about Energy Marketers

You Got Choices YouTube VideoEnergy marketers are independent businesses licensed by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), however their pricing options are not regulated by the OEB.

  • Energy marketers do not deliver natural gas or provide utility services. They offer contracts to supply, and in some cases, transport natural gas to your home. The contract usually offers "locked in" pricing you'll pay over the course of the contract.
  • Take the time to understand your rights and responsibilities as an energy consumer. Always know the terms and conditions of any contract you sign – the price offered, exit conditions, cancellation fees and renewal options.
  • Energy marketers' salespeople may visit your home or contact you by mail. They must wear a valid photo ID badge with their name, company name and OEB license number, and must offer a business card.
  • Visit the OEB website for information on energy marketers and their Code of Conduct.

Role of the Ontario Energy Board (OEB)

The OEB is the provincial agency that oversees energy related issues and regulations in the public interest.
  • The OEB does not regulate the natural gas prices charged by energy retailers and brokers.
  • Storage and delivery rates are reviewed and approved by the OEB, which conducts an open review process with participation from consumer groups and Ontario municipalities.
  • For more information about natural gas buying options, visit the Ontario Energy Board website at