Switch to Natural Gas

Natural Gas Is On Your Street

Switching to natural gas in your neighbourhood is easy and has considerable savings. Find out how to get connected if there is natural gas on your street.

Step 1:

Get in touch with a local heating contractor

Heating contractor
  • Your heating contractor will work with us to confirm that there is natural gas close by, recommend the best system for your home and apply for a new gas service on your behalf.
  • You can find contractors online using the HRAI dealer locator, the TSSA contractor locator or the Yellow Pages. We recommend you get multiple quotes.
  • Ensure your heating contractor is registered with the Technical Standards and Safety Association (TSSA) by calling the TSSA at 1-877-682-8772 option 4.

Step 2:

Set up your new Union Gas account

  • Once your heating contractor has submitted an application, open your gas account with Union Gas. Please note that in order for us to move forward with your application, you must have set up your new gas account.
  • Choose from several billing and payment options including Paperless Billing. Opt for our Equal Billing Plan and our Automatic Payment Plan and we will waive the security deposit requirements.

Step 3:

Underground services are located and marked

This is a critical step. For your safety, natural gas service will not be installed until Union Gas or one of our authorized contracted partners contacts you.

Construction worker locating utility lines
  • A meeting will be scheduled to locate and mark all existing underground services.
  • Access to the inside of your home will be required to ensure your new gas line won't interfere with your sewer connection.

We will contact you when we are ready to install your service (see below for service installation times).

Step 4:

Installation of underground gas service

Construction worker laying pipe in a trench
  • Union Gas or one of our authorized contracted partners will come to your home with a construction crew to install your new gas line.
  • Any necessary restoration of your lawn or topsoil will be scheduled when weather conditions permit.

Step 5:

New equipment installation, gas meter activation and safety inspection

Natural gas meter
  • Your heating contractor will make an appointment to install your new equipment and remove the old equipment.
  • At the same appointment, your contractor will arrange for your meter to be installed and activated.
  • Your new equipment will be turned on, and we will then conduct a safety inspection.

Other important information you must know

  • Do not disconnect your fuel source or remove any equipment until after your new natural gas service has been installed and the appointment for your meter activation has been booked.
  • Be aware that depending on your location, construction may cease during winter months. We will hold your request until the following construction season and review the cost, if any, when we update our pricing in the spring.

Service installation time

After we receive your application, we need approximately six to eight weeks to install the gas service. Extreme weather, unusual construction conditions, or delays getting permits or locates could extend this timeframe.

In areas that have less pipeline growth or are outside of our core zones, this timeline could be extended to 10 weeks or more. Please visit Remote Locations to see if your location is in one of these zones.

Connection charges Replacement Charges

We will install a residential natural gas line of up to 30 metres in pipe length at no charge. This distance is measured from the gas meter to the property line, following the path the pipe takes through the ground. Depending on the meter location we may not be able to take the most direct route.

If the installed pipe is longer than 30 metres, the excess length will be charged at a rate of $45 (plus HST) per metre. There is also a one-time activation fee of $35, a monthly fee of $21 and we may ask for a security deposit. These charges will be applied to your Union Gas bill.

Replacement Charges (if applicable)

Properties previously serviced by Union Gas where the natural gas service line has been abandoned are subject to Replacement Charges of $80 (plus HST) per metre.