Switch to Natural Gas

Natural Gas Is NOT On Your Street

Switching to natural gas offers considerable cost and energy savings. Here's how you can get connected if natural gas is NOT on your street.

Step 1:

Complete the Natural Gas Inquiry Form

  • To inquire if there is natural gas on your street or if you are interested in having natural gas extended to your area, you must complete the Natural Gas Inquiry Form. Please ensure all critical information is provided so we can expedite your request.

Step 2:

Receive a high-level cost estimate from Union Gas

Receiving an email
  • Based on the information provided in the Natural Gas Inquiry Form, we will confirm whether it is feasible or not to extend natural gas service to your area. If feasible, we will email you an estimate.
  • This estimate is the minimum cost to provide you with natural gas and can be influenced by a number of unknown factors at this point. Factors could include water or highway crossings, permits, soil and construction conditions, etc., which could substantially increase the cost.
  • The estimate will be based on the rates that apply during the current construction season.

Please note this estimate only covers the cost to extend natural gas to your street. For information on getting an estimate for the cost to convert your equipment, please refer to the yellow box below titled "Investigate the cost of switching your home and equipment to natural gas."

Step 3:

Confirm that you would like to proceed

Check mark
  • If the estimated cost is acceptable and you'd like to proceed, please reply to the email we sent you and indicate that you accept.
  • Please note that this confirmation does not bind you, and no fees are required at this step.
  • You could pay less if your neighbours located between your home and the natural gas connection also choose to connect to natural gas, as you would share the cost of extending the gas main to your street. If they're interested inform them to complete a Natural Gas Inquiry Form using the reference number emailed to you in Step 2.

Step 4:

Union Gas will further investigate project feasibility

Magnifying glass
  • Your inquiry will be forwarded to the local construction office. You will receive a confirmation email within one week. This is just an acknowledgement and does not mean that your inquiry has been approved.
  • We will finalize the feasibility and cost of your inquiry. The time needed for this step depends on the specific requirements of your project. We may contact you and book a visit to your property to further investigate the cost and timeframe of the project.

Step 5:

Receive your detailed and/or final cost estimate from Union Gas

  • Our local construction office will email you the detailed and/or final cost estimate required to bring natural gas to the front of your home on your street.
  • The cost to bring natural gas to your street will be shared by all interested parties.
  • If the length of the installed pipe to bring natural gas from your street to your home is more than 30 metres, there is an additional charge of $45 (plus HST) per metre.
  • There is also a one-time activation fee of $35, a monthly fee of $21 and in some cases a security deposit, which will be applied to your Union Gas bill.

Step 6:

Your final confirmation

Thumbs up
  • If the cost estimate is acceptable and you'd like to proceed, please reply to the email from Step 5 and indicate that you accept.
  • Union Gas may then need to collect a financial contribution ("aid to construction") before the project can start.
  • If your final confirmation comes in later than August 1st, we may have to recalculate your project cost next year, as we may not install gas mains during the winter season

Step 7:

Contact both your TSSA registered heating contractor and Union Gas

Heating contractor
  • Upon hiring a heating contractor provide them with the inquiry reference number obtained from the inquiry e-mails we sent you. This will ensure that your service inquiry is linked to your project.
  • Your heating contractor will apply on your behalf to connect your home to the gas main coming to your street.
  • Once your heating contractor has submitted an application, open your gas account with Union Gas. Please note that in order for us to move forward with your application, you must have set up your new gas account. 
  • Choose from several billing and payment options including Paperless Billing. Opt for our Equal Billing Plan and our Automatic Payment Plan and we will waive the security deposit requirements

Step 8:

Payment of financial contribution ("aid to construction")

Dollar sign
  • After we have collected all financial contributions and have received your service request from the heating contractor, your project should start in approximately 15 weeks.

Please click here for an overview of the process once natural gas is on your street.


Investigate the cost of switching your home and equipment to natural gas

  • A heating contractor can recommend the best system for your home and provide you with an estimate of the cost to convert your equipment to natural gas. Please keep in mind that you should not hire a contractor to begin work in your home until you've completed Step 6 with Union Gas.
  • If you have electric baseboard heating, for example, installing ductwork would increase your overall conversion cost. Consult a Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) registered heating contractor to help you determine an accurate cost.
  • You can find contractors online using the HRAI dealer locator, the TSSA contractor locator or the Yellow Pages. You can verify that the contractor is registered by calling the TSSA at 1-877-682-8772 option 4.
  • We recommend you get multiple quotes from the TSSA-registered heating contractors for installing and piping new natural gas equipment.
  • Do not disconnect your fuel source or remove any equipment until after your new natural gas service has been installed and the appointment to activate your meter has been booked.

Natural Gas Inquiry

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